Discover new products while managing your control state liquor orders.

Bars and restaurants
average a 93% time
savings using BottleHound.

BottleHound is designed to simplify the liquor order process in alcoholic beverage control states. All products, prices, promotions, and codes are always up-to-date. Quickly search the database of bottles in your state and create your order using one simple app. BottleHound will send a professional fax or email to your choice of store when you are ready.

Coming late 2021

- Discover new products utilizing smart categories.
- Place your orders on any device.
- Simple to use interface for faster orders and streamlined inventory.

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“What could take an hour before, may take ten minutes now. As quickly as you can take stock of what you need, it’s in your cart.”

Brandon Skupski
Owner and Co-Founder

“The Asheville ABC Board is excited to see a product come along that will help to streamline the ordering process for not only bars but also the folks we employ at our ABC Stores.”

Jason Thacker
Operations Manager

Asheville ABC Board

“My liquor ordering now takes about ten minutes. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. This app has surely made my job easier.”

Nate Northup
FOH Manager
The Admiral

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Barley is now operating in 6 out of 17
beverage control states. More state
product lists are coming soon!

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Save up to 93% in time savings each week.
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Manage your control state liquor orders.
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